We welcome submissions from four main genres: Fiction, Animation, Documentary and Experimental, as long as they are of less than 20 minutes, and they have been produced during the student years of the filmmaker(s) and/or the producer(s), during the last three years.

We also encourage submissions which fall under the topic “Empathy & the Environment“.

2023 is the first year of the festival, which aims to grow and establish itself in the film student community.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Yeast Int’l Student Film Festival showcases student films. It is imperative that the film submitted has been produced and/or directed during the student years of the filmmaker(s) and/or the producer(s). Films made either during the undergraduate studies or postgraduate studies are eligible.
  2. The submission deadline is the 15th of January.
  3. Yeast Int’l Student Film Festival will take place in Limassol, Cyprus, at the last days of February. The festival is administered by the Department of Fine Arts, and powered by the Dept. of Communication and Internet Studies, Cyprus University of Technology. You can read more about the festival at
  4. Eligible are films completed as of January 2021.
  5. The festival reserves the right to use video and/or audio extracts as well as other press material of films submitted for promotional purposes.
  6. The festival reserves the right to edit the film description provided for the festival’s catalogue and website, as well as for promotional purposes in various media and platforms.
  7. Films included in the festival should not be openly accessible online in the period between the public announcement of the festival’s programme and their screening in the festival. If for any reason you’d like to have your film accessible online within that period, please contact us at
  8. All films upon selection will be screened with english subtitles. Please be prepared to provide a hard-subbed copy of the film within ten working days upon notification of selection. The subtitles file will be also required.
  9. The festival maintains the right to revoke the invitation in the case that the filmmaker/distributor fails to provide the requested material within the designated time frame.
  10. Submission of a film implies that the person submitting is also the person holding the films copyright or has secured the appropriate permissions, as well as that the film’s use during the festival does not violate rights of third parties. It is the responsibility of the person submitting to secure authorization for any copyrighted material that may be used in the film. The festival is held harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages or expenses, which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, or screening of any film.
  11. Submission of a film implies acceptance of the festival’s terms and conditions, as these are stated above and the festival’s data and privacy policy can be accessed here: